Teaching Spirits - Understanding Native Am.

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Joseph Epes Brown
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College, University
Apache, Lakota, Multiple Nations, Navajo, Ojibwe
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Oxford University Press

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Teaching Spirits: Understanding Native American Religious Traditions offers a thematic approach to Native American religious traditions. Through years of living with and learning about Native traditions across the continent, Joseph Epes Brown learned firsthand of the great diversity of the North American Indian cultures. Yet within this great multiplicity, he also noticed certain common themes that resonate within many Native traditions. These themes include a shared sense of time as cyclical rather than linear, a belief that landscapes are inhabited by spirits, a rich oral tradition, visual arts that emphasize the process of creation, a reciprocal relationship with the natural world, and the rituals that tie these themes together. Brown illustrates each of these themes with in-depth explorations of specific native cultures including Lakota, Navajo, Apache, Koyukon, and Ojibwe. Throughout the book, Brown draws on his extensive personal experience with Black Elk, who came to symbolize for many the richness of the Indigenous cultures. This volume brings to life the themes that resonate at the heart of Native American religious traditions. The late Joseph Epes Brown was a professor of Religious Studies at the University of Montana.

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