Ways of Knowing Experience…

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Jean-Guy A. Goulet
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College, University
Dene, Subarctic
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Ways of Knowing: Experience, Knowledge, and Power Among the Dene Tha by Jean-Guy A Goulet, Director of the Research Centre at Saint Paul University in Ottawa examines the spiritual beliefs and values of the people of the Dene community, Chateh. Drawing on twelve years of fieldwork at Chateh, Jean-Guy Goulet delineates the interconnections between the strands of meaning and experience with which the Dene Tha constitute and creatively engage their world. Goulet's insights into the ways of knowing among the Dene Tha were gained through directly experiencing their way of life rather than being formally taught about it. The community institutions from the outside included the RCMP, the Roman Catholic church, and the nursing station. The author examines the ways in which this traditional hunting community retains their traditional spiritual values and copes with the outside pressures of church and state.

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