Mi'kmaq Treaties on Trial

William C. Wicken
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College, University
Mi'kmaq, Woodland
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University of Toronto Press

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Mi'kmaq Treaties on Trial: History, Land, and Donald Marshall Junior is a timely and original work that intersperses close analysis of the 1726 treaty with discussions of the Donald Marshall case, and shows how the inter-cultural relationships and power dynamics of the past, have shaped both the law and the social climate of the present. The author argues that the treaties must be viewed in their historical context, and that of the oral tradition of Mi'kmaq people, to be properly understood. Current high-profile legal cases involving Aboriginal rights lend this work a special significance among the legal and academic communities, where it is destined to spark debate. It is of particular relevance to history and Native studies students. William Wicken is an associate professor in the department of history at York University.

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