Teaching American Indian Students

Jon Reyhner
Grade Levels:
College, University
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
University of Oklahoma Press

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Teaching American Indian Students is a comprehensive resource book available for educators of Native American students. The promise of this book is that students can improve their academic performance through educational approaches that do not force students to choose between the culture of their home and the culture of their school. This multidisciplinary volume summarizes the latest research on Native American education, provides practical suggestions for teachers, and offers a vast selection of resources available to teachers of Native American students. Included are chapters on bilingual and multicultural education; the history of U.S. Indian education; teacher-parent relationships; language and literacy development, with particular discussion of English as a second language and American Indian literature; and teaching in the content areas of social science, science, mathematics, and physical education. Jon Reyhner is Professor of Education at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff.

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