The Seminoles - Native American Histories

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Charlotte Wilcox
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Seminole, Southeast
Book Type:
Lerner Publishing Group

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The Seminoles one of the titles in the Lerner Publications series, Native American Histories. Each of the titles in this newly released series covers the basic historical and cultural traditions of the Nations being studied. In this book, the Seminoles cultural history is described in four chapters. Each of the titles in the series benefits from the advice of a cultural/historical consultant. The cultural consultants for this book are Louise Gopher and Willie Johns of the Seminole Nation. This accurate and well-researched book for students in grade 3 to 6 contains numerous colour photographs as well as appropriate archival images. Each title contains a suggested reading list, an index, and a listing of Seminole cultural museums. Highly recommended. ATOS Reading Level: 5.5; Guided Reading Level: T; Reading Level: 5.5.

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