Noble, Wretched, and Redeemable - LIMITED QUANTITIES

C. L. Higham
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Calgary Press

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Noble, Wretched, and Redeemable: Protestant Missionaries to the Indians in Canada and the United States, 1820-1900 is an important and original book examining the relationship between stereotypes of Indigenous peoples and institutional change on the missionary frontiers of nineteenth-century Canada and the United States. Using case studies of Protestant missionaries, Carol Higham demonstrates how corporate missionary societies, governments, and secular scholarly institutions encouraged and rewarded the creation and dispersion of specific First Nations stereotypes. This innovative discussion alternates between differences and similarities on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. Higham has dug deeply into the publications of the Protestant missionary societies and also the private papers and many fictional and nonfictional works the missionaries left behind to produce this volume, which will be invaluable to the reader/researcher in cross-border studies.

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