Creating Community

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Eigenbrod, Renate|Episkenew, Jo-Ann
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Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Theytus Books Ltd.

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Creating Community: A Roundtable on Canadian Aboriginal Literature is a special book about imagination and challenge. We know that writers try to tell us things. We know that what they tell is culturally-based. But what exactly are Aboriginal authors trying to tell us? Fifteen authors and scholars discuss Aboriginal literature in its unique Canadian context. Essays discuss authors' works such as Lee Maracle's Ravensong; Thomas King's Medicine River; Armand Garnet Ruffo's Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archie Belaney; and works by Shirley Sterling and Tomson Highway. Additional essays such as Emma LaRoque's Teaching Aboriginal Literature: The Discourse of Margins and Mainstreams, and Jo-Ann Episkenew's, Socially Responsible Criticism: Aboriginal Literature, Ideology, and the Literary Canon, discuss the broad picture of study of Indigenous literature.

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