Teaching What Really Happened

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James W. Loewen
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College, University
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Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited About Doing History by James W Loewen offers teachers a new way to approach the teaching of American history. This book offers teachers specific ideas for how to get students excited about history, how to get them to DO history, and how to help them read critically. It will specifically help teachers tackle difficult but important topics like the American Indian experience, slavery, and race relations. Throughout, Loewen shows how teaching what really happened not only connects better with all kinds of students, it better prepares those students to be tomorrow's citizens. This volume offers a refreshingly candid assessment of the pitfalls and potential of American history education; Ideas from teachers across the country who are empowering students with the real story of America's history; Strategies for teaching historiography and incorporating project-oriented, self-learning; and Specific chapters dedicated to the five content topics usually taught particularly badly in today's schools. Specific Aboriginal content chapters include: Why Did Columbus Win?; The Columbian Exchange; The $24 Myth; and Deconstructing the $24 Myth.

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