The McDonalds

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Allison Tubman
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Dene, Kwadacha
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Backyard Productions
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The McDonalds: The Lives & Legends of a Kaska Dena Family by Allison Tubman (Kaska Dena) is a photography book with accompanying text of The McDonalds from the northeast region of British Columbia. This book chronicles the McDonalds family in photos  and stories contributed by family and friends, organizations, business owners, and historical societies. First Nation bands and Chiefs and Councils have also contributed to the success of this book. The McDonalds is a chronology of the lives of Old Man Sean McDonald and Ah-Soo and their fourteen children. Descriptions of the lives, travels, and relationships of Charlie McDonald, Walter Abe, William Billy Martin, Oscar Micheal, Ella Elsie Elsie, Lucy Helen, Theresa Rose Rose, Joe Dale, Angus Clem, Louise Anne, Edward Eddie Robert, George Joseph and Margaret Maggie Leff, with accompanying photographs provide a rich history of this Kaska Dena family. The Alaska highway features prominently in their story. A map and bibliography is included.

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